ABOUT KreditOne

Who is KreditOne?

There are 1.4(approx.) Billion Indians , and more than 95%(approx.) Indians have Financial demand, and most of them are not being serviced by the existing financial institutions.

Now we are here partner with RBI registered NBFC to help you. By using our AI technology , Mobile based Platform, Big Data analysis ,we provide best Financial service to eligible banked/un-banked Indian citizens in a Easy, Fast, Transparent, & Secure way.

With us you can be assured of best customer experience, world class product and services , Secure and confidential engagement. We trust you, we help you, We grow with you. One Credit For All Indians. Experience today.

Which cities are currently serviced by KreditOne?

KreditOne is currently operational in the following cities:

How much Credit Line can I get from KreditOne?

Your Credit Line starting from ₹1,000 to ₹2 Lakhs.

HOW TO USE KreditOne?

How do I Register?

Download the KreditOne app from the Play Store or the link provided on our website

What if my app shuts down before I complete the process?

Don’t worry – You can again start your application from same step from where you left off, once you re-start the app.

Can I reach out to KreditOne?

We don’t want our customers to wait, so you can reach out to us at and we promise to respond you at the earliest.

I haven’t received the OTP. What can be the reason?

The SMS is delivered by your network operator, so network issues can prevent you from receiving the OTP. You can try switching off and restarting your phone. Or else, you can try after some time.

Why is my loan application rejected?

We decide the eligibility of every borrower based on our own set parameters and algorithms. Don’t worry if your loan did not get approved – it is not necessarily a reflection of your credit worthiness. Our loan assessment process is a function of multiple factors and in line with policies of our partners, in case you are rejected, you may re-apply later to review your status.

How long does it take to avail the loan through KreditOne?

Completing your profile and uploading your documents should not take you more than 5 minutes. Once all your documents are provided correctly, and your account is verified, you may receive the approved loan amount in your bank account within minutes.

Do I have to upload the required documents every time I take a loan?

No, you only need to upload your documents the first time you apply for a loan. Once your documents have been successfully verified and your KreditOne profile is confirmed, you don’t have to re-submit your documents the next time you apply for a loan through us.

Do you accept upload of a photo of a scanned copy or photocopy of my documents (PAN card) or address proof (Aadhaar card, voter ID, driving licence)?

No, a photocopy or scanned copy of your documents will not be accepted. We require photos of your original documents only.

Can I send the documents to you via email?

No, you can only upload the documents through the app.

My KYC documents are correct but they are not getting verified. What can be the reason?

Please ensure that you upload clear photos of your original documents. Clicking a photo of a photocopy of your documents or photo of document saved on another mobile or computer screen may not work.

Is my data safe with KreditOne?

Yes, your data is safe with us. It is transferred over a secure connection and we do not share it with anyone without your consent.

Is loan application through KreditOne us 24*7?


How can I get loans of a higher amount?

The loan amount you are eligible for depends on multiple factors and based on that you are allocated a maximum disbursal limit that you can avail.
Repeat borrowers with good repayment record with us have better chances of higher loan amount.

Can I apply for two loans simultaneously?

No, an individual is can take only one loan at a time. You can avail another loan once you have repaid the ongoing loan. There is no cap on the number of loans you can apply for through a period of time.

Can I change my loan terms?

No, loan terms and repayment date cannot be changed.

Will the processing fee be deducted from my loan amount upfront?


Are there any hidden charges?

No. All our charges are transparent and communicated to the customer upfront.

Why do you need my bank account details?

We need your bank account details to be able to transfer the funds you need to that account.

Can I get the loan amount transferred to someone else’s bank account?

No, you can only get the amount transferred to your own bank account.